Rare Video Game Hunting: Mini Arcade, FF9, Boxed SNES, etc

Retro Video Game Hunting 10032009 (2)GamesOgre-eBay-StoreA couple weeks ago, I pulled in this loot while out video game hunting. It’s sort of funny that after trick-or-treating as a kid my brothers and I would spread out all our loot on the floor to compare and trade. Here I am 20 years later, and I’m doing the same thing with video games. The child within… 🙂

Of note here are several Pokemon games for the Game Boy Advance. Pokemon Sapphire, Fire Red, and Emerald GBA games always land a pretty penny. Plus, I was super excited to open up a crappy PS1 game and to find out that Digimon World was inside. The seller at the flea market was charging a flat price of $2, so I’d say I lucked out on that one.

I can’t say they’re rare, but if you’re an N64 collector or just get a kick out of your old system, take note of the Nintendo 64 controller I picked up here: InterAct SharkPad Pro (SV-362). Given that this thing has a super durable metal joystick and feels just like a normal N64 controller, I’d say it’s a must have. This thing’s joystick was pretty dirty, which to me is a good indication of plenty of wear and tear from grimy little hands; however, it still feels as springy as an original N64 controller in top condition.

Oh yeah, and if you ever come across an Atari 7800 like below, it’s generally worth the gamble of picking it up if the power cord and RF AV adapter are included. This system turned out to be junk, but I immediately was able to sell the RF AV adapter for about $20 on eBay. The power supply is generally worth about that much too.

And of course, at $2 the great trophy here is the Big Lebowski DVD…no explanation needed.