Rare Video Game Hunting: Mini Arcade, FF9, Boxed SNES, etc

Rare Video Game Hunting 10102009I’ve had some great fun video game hunting a weeks ago (October . I got the following lot of games at a local flea market (swap meet) in one morning of hunting. Although none of these are super rare, the Taiko Drum Master PS2 game fits into the moderately rare category.

My favorite part of the hunt happened when I came across a vendor with a pile of N64 stuff. There was a N64 storage drawer with a system on top and 3 controllers. The drawer was partially opened revealing about 8 games and seemed to have already been rummaged through by other shoppers. The seller named a fair price if I bought everything as a lot, so I bought it. As I was packing it up, I find that the storage box’s drawer wouldn’t close. Sure enough, there were about 8 more games wedged in the back preventing the drawer from closing! Talk about a nice bonus for buying everything as a lot!

The other unique item here is the mini-Pac-Man Arcade. I don’t know much about it other than that it looks awesome and seems to have been made in 1981. If you’re familiar with this item, I’d love some info on it.

All those SNES boxes are empty, but they’ll help me fill out my own SNES collection.

In case you’ve ever wondered where eBay sellers get all the stuff they sell, I’m one example. Obviously, I’m enjoying the treasure hunting aspect of this, so I’ve built a small business model around my hobby: a) I like hunting for and collecting retro video games b) I find too many, so I resell them on eBay. c) Hopefully, “a” & “b” reimburse me and even make a few bucks so I can continue more of “a”. Pretty simple… It’s all smaller scale, which is perfect because it keeps it enjoyable. Feel free to check it out in auction / listing form if you’re curious about examples of parting out and pricing items.