Myriad 6-in-1 / Caltron 6-in-1 — Super Rare Cart

Chances are that if you’re a serious NES collector, you’ve heard of the Caltron 6-in-1.  It’s one of those rare multi-carts that didn’t take off well and thus had a very limited run.  What’s even more facinating is that when Caltron Industries, Inc. went out of business, Myriad Games, Inc. bought out their old stock.  There isn’t any record of Myriad developing their own games.  As a matter of fact all they seem to have done is repackage the Caltron 6-in-1 carts.  You can see from the photo that they individually numbered them and slapped their own label overtop of the existing Caltron label.  Notice that they didn’t even get the size right.  Thus, you can still see the Caltron orange and black label peeking out from underneath.  It’s the same game with a new, worse label…but super rare!

Myriad itself went out of business just about as quickly as it came onto the scene.  Thus their total run of games was probably under or around a 1000 with around 100 copies confirmed to still be in existence.  That makes them one of the rarer original Nintendo games ever released.  Currently there’s a Myriad 6-in-1 cart on eBay with a bid of $950 USD with 1 day 14 hours still remaining.  Let’s see how high it goes!

(Update:  Sold in eBay auction by seller mazoku for $985 USD on October 17, 2009.)