Nintendo World Championships 1990 NES w NWC Controller

Collectors have yet another Nintendo World Championships 1990 cart to drool over.  These grey carts generally go for between $5,000-6,000, so the eBay seller “vicviper is pushing the envelope by asking a starting bid of $11,990.90 + ($6.00 shipping…seriously, why even charge it?).  While I’m doubting it’ll even get bids for that price, what’s interesting here is the controller included.  The seller states that it’s an official controller used during the competition at one of the competition stations.  He explains that he begged a Nintendo employee for it after participating in the competition.  I haven’t seen one of these controllers before, so it’s worth taking a look.  Plus, this guy’s writeup is absolutely fascinating for any collector of old school Nintendo games.  Check it out, and happy collecting!