Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 — aka Most Expensive Video Game Ever Sold!

A the world’s second most expensive video game just sold on eBay!  The ultra rare “Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991” cartridge closed for $20,100.  I’d imagine some collector is incredibly happy and most likely very poor right now.  Not to mention that JJ Hendricks, the seller of the game and owner of and recouped a bit of money from his big video game splurge earlier this year.

Why so expensive?  If you remember from earlier this year, the most expensive game every purchased went for $17,500.  That was JJ as well.  However in that case, he was making an addition to his collection.  JJ managed to track down a gold copy of the “NES World Championships 1990.”  While 26 of those gold cartridges were produces, only 12 are still confirmed to be in existence.
So here’s the thing that makes the Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 cart so rare:  only one is known to have survived the competition’s destroy-when-the-competition-is-over instructions.  Apparently some employee at Nintendo managed to save this one from the axe.  Years later it popped up at a yard sale.  $20,100…I can’t say I’d ever spend that much on a game, but I love the ability of eBay to unite us collectors.  It was a rare video game collector’s dream to watch this thing jump from $8,500 to $20,100 in the last minute.  Thanks JJ for putting it in auction format!
Here’s the last 2 minutes of the auction captured on YouTube!