New Kids on the Block Box for Prototype NES Game

New Kids on the Block Prototype Sample NES Nintendo Game Box

Just when you think your childhood couldn’t have been any cooler, imagine this!  We all know the greatness of the original 8-bit Nintendo and, if we are ok admitting it, many of us also loved the early boy band New Kids on the Block.

As if that weren’t great enough, just recently the world found out that these two mega hits could have become one.  This sample New Kids on the Block prototype box just surfaced on eBay!  Unfortunately it never made it past the drawing board.  Thus the seller “Mazoku” explains that it’s just a piece of photo paper that’s wrapped around a cardboard box.  Those black things on the back are Velcro, so I’m assuming it was stuck to some sort of a photo board for display.  No prototype game is know to have been made to go along with this, so we can only guess as to the games style.

(Update: Just for the record for anyone who might be snubbing their nose at this one, the auction just closed on October 20, 2009 at $589.00 USD with $3.99 s/h.)