Rare Video Game Hunting: Lots of Sega Master System & Intellivision

A little while back I was out at an area flea market (swap meet), and my treasure hunting went quite well!  I found a complete lot of Sega Master System stuff, and was quite excited that the 3D glasses still work.  It’s not the best 3-D technology on Sega’s part; however, it was a good attempt.

Much of the rest of the stuff was boxed Intellivision games as well including a complete IntelliVoice.  Got a Final Fantasy IX for PS1 as well as some assorted PS2 & GameCube stuff too.

In case you’re interested in the process of reselling your own stuff or own finds on eBay, here’s what some of the listed stuff that’s already sold went for:
  • “SEGA Master System 3-D 3D Glasses Goggles RARE +Adapter” sold for $46.28!

  • “LOT Sega Master System + 10 Games +Case +2 Controllers” sold for $114.94!