iPhone = My Favorite Current Generation Gaming Device

I’m an old school gamer. I primarily collect original Nintendo NES & Dreamcast games. Yes, I greatly enjoy my PS3, but there’s something fantastic about old games. They were (and are still) just so pick-up-and-play friendly: Super Mario Bros. 3, Guerilla War, 1943, Toe Jame & Earl, General Chaos, Jackal, Powerstone, Super Off-Road, etc…these games are simple and iconic for being fun and gamer friendly. It’s for that reason I’m so impressed with the iPhone as a gaming device.

Just as the Wii has broken back into the casual gamer market, the iPhone has done the same for casual portable gamers. The games are super pick-up-and-play friendly and are getting more advanced quickly. Graphics are are behind those of the PSP, but ironically, the iPhone is dominating the PSP in game sales. Similarly, the Wii has worse graphics than the 360 and PS3 and still obviously holds it’s own. The phenomenal thing about the iPhone is that games aren’t all being produced by giants with multi-million $ budgets. Little companies and individuals have been making phenomenal games. That certainly puts a smile on my face.

My best guess for the future an Apple gaming console would be that Apple will make their own media center / gaming device and then integrate the iPhone as controllers similar to how Apple’s “Remote” app on the iPhone can control your iTunes on your computer.

Oh yeah, and best part of the Apple gaming revolution is that games don’t cost $60. (Gosh, buy 5 games a year at that rate and you could have bought an iTouch or iPhone!) Give it time hardcore gamers, and they’ll have games that even you won’t snub your noses at. As famous RPGs are currently being ported to the iPhone, some might even argue that such games are already here.

(PS…so the photo above is of my current favorite 15 iPhone games…which I’d like to note have given me countless hours of play time and cost me a total of around $15-20 for all of them.)