Jul 242016
Throwing a NES Zapper into Comic-Con

Being too big of a chicken to dress up myself, I threw my favorite retro gaming twist on San Diego Comic-Con 2016 by getting some of the incredible costumed folks to pose with my ole’ faithful NES Zappers and Power Glove!  Pretty much everyone was game, and the result is the following retro gamer / costume mashup.  Enjoy! #SDCC #SDCC2016 #Zapper

Jan 132014
How to Replace Pokemon Gold Battery with a Soldering Iron

Find our VGM Gold 3.8mm Security Bit on Amazon or eBay. Warning: Proceed at your own risk and be careful when doing any repairs. In the past we’ve show how to replace your lithium battery without soldering.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  But so is soldering with a little practice.  Plus, it turns out that the solder method is a bit stronger as it is how […]

Jan 072014
GameCube-Styled N64 Joystick Connector Mod

So it seems that there’s a bit of variation in the size of N64 controller’s joystick connector. Our redesigned GameCube-styled replacement joystick has a connector that fits some controllers but needs to be trimmed down to fit the connector in others. Fortunately, shaving down a little plastic is pretty easy, and we’ve shown a few ways to do it in the video. Find our replacement […]

Oct 222013
The NES Club: 700 Games No Internet Purchases

Retro gaming collectors are a strange breed.  In some ways, we spend more time (and possibly have more fun) playing with our collection than we do actually playing the games.  There’s something satisfying about hunting down that rare gem  and building the collection. For most of us, as much as we’d like to spend every waking hour scouring for retro plastic, building a collection takes […]

Oct 172013
Introducing the 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Screwdrive​​r Bit

After months of design, engineering and production, we’re happy to announce our new 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Screwdrive​​r Bit! Get your 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Bit on Amazon or eBay We’re demonstrating all the different types of cartridges a 3.8mm VGM Gold Security bit can open. This is perfect for opening your retro gaming collection for cleaning, battery replacement, and repairs. 3.8MM VERSION OPENS: Original NES […]

Oct 132013
Protecting Your Boxed NES SNES & N64 Games: Clear Plastic Box Protectors

With the Video Game Museum collection steadily growing, we’ve been working on our methods for preserving our collection.  Just like collecting comic books and baseball cards, a good collection has to be handled with care and properly protected. NES Box Protectors on Amazon & NES Box Protectors on eBay SNES & N64 Box Protectors on Amazon & SNES & N64 Box Protectors on eBay Our […]

Jul 242013
Between the Toes of the Giant: Gam3rCon

San Diego Comic Con is a beast.  It’s the biggest, baddest giant in town.  Yet, surprisingly, growing between its toes is an event called Gam3rCon!  Rather than withering in SDCC‘s shadow, Gam3rCon is thriving! In some ways, I scratch my head that there are gamers who live in the San Diego area and don’t attend Comic Con.  Some are just not interested, or they’re interested […]

Jul 172013
Adding a Dreamcast Kiosk to the Collection

Regret is a powerful motivator for collectors. Back in 2007, I spotted an abandoned Dreamcast kiosk along the side of the road.  I seriously debated throwing it in my Honda Accord and taking it back to my tiny beach apartment.  Space for surfboards and a fear of scaring my new female roommate won out.  Unfortunately, I kept driving.  I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Since […]